Drills to improve your baseball skills

If you want to be a great baseball player, there are several tips you need to take into consideration. The first thing you need to know is that bodybuilding and training for hitting a baseball are two different things. Many athletes who play baseball try to bulk up, which might look good, but it will only have a minimal impact on hitting a ball. The right way to train for baseball is to focus on your core, back and legs. The Read more »

Drills to improve your basketball skills

Basketball is a sport that requires a great deal of practice in order to gain and maintain a high level of play. In order become a better basketball player, there are some basketball drills that you can work on individually.

One of the most neglected elements of basketball practice is free throw shooting. Some of the greatest players in the sport have been mediocre free throw shooters. Practicing this element of the game will greatly improve your scoring. The great free throw shooters regularly go to the line Read more »

What kinds of sports are good for your child

Many parents have a hard time deciding which sports are best for their children. Of course, a discussion with the child about their ideas is always a good idea. The child will have been introduced to various sports during school gym time. They may have developed some definite preferences already, on their own.

Decisions by parents about the dangers of sports should be discussed with the family doctor and school officials. This article deals with other considerations for choosing sports for a child.

The best sports for any child are those which introduce the child to the important concepts of Read more »

How to encourage your child to play sports

It can be tricky to encourage kids to play sports. The best way to do this is by making the sport seem like something they will have a lot of fun with. You might want to play the sport with your kid or have him watch as you play with others. This will make the activity into something he or she wants to do. Often times young kids just want to be like their parents. If they see Read more »

How to prepare your child for playing sports

Playing a sport can benefit a child in many ways. Studies have shown that children who play sports do better in school and have better social skills. Additionally, sports can also help prevent childhood obesity. There are quite a few things that parents can do to prepare their children to play sports. Getting them to practice the sport that they are interested in playing and making sure that they eat a healthy diet are two of the key Read more »

Public sports teams for North Carolina

The number of public sports teams in North Carolina are numerous. Let’s start right from the top. The Carolina Panthers Play at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte North Carolina. Get some tickets and watch them scratch and claw their way to a super bowl win. However, the footballers are not the only professional team that Charlotte plays host to. The NBA affiliate in Charlotte is the Charlotte Bobcats. The have been dribbling up and down Read more »

Public sports teams for South Carolina

There are some great public sports teams in South Carolina. Professionally, the Carolina Panthers play in North Carolina. it is a foregone conclusion that South Carolinians have adopted them as their home team during the football season. The South Carolina Gamecocks play an exciting game of college football. It is a great ticket for the many college football fans out there. There are high expectations for them in the coming season.

The South Carolina Gamecocks, take the court in the fall. They run and gun to the delight of their Read more »

Carolina Fall Sports (Get in the game!)

Sure you plan to spend your fall in front of the TV with your Direct TV Sunday Ticket package but if you live in the Carolinas be sure not to miss out on some of the greatest outdoor months of the year! Here are a few alternative sports you-ll find being played this fall all over the Carolinas.
Ultimate Frisbee ” There-s no better time than autumn to get your heart rate up during a game of ultimate. There are leagues all over your state Read more »

Important tips to consider when playing golf

Golf is an amazingly versatile pastime in that it fulfills the desires of all types of individuals. Whether it’s being played in a relaxing and fun manner among friends and family, or as the competitive sport among athletes, golf’s popularity continues to grow. However, whether you are playing for fun or sport, everyone wants to know how to improve their game and reduce the amount of shots that they are taking.

Tips To Consider When Playing Golf:

1. It’s a mental game. Read more »

Important tips to consider when playing tennis

Whether for recreational or competitive play, tennis requires some basic preparations. Proper attire is important for comfort, prevention of injuries, and ultimately performance. To avoid blisters on the feet and hands, proper tight fitting tennis footwear as well as sweat absorbing socks should be worn. Moisture absorbent overgrips should be used to prevent the racquet from slipping and causing friction against the hands. People struggling with joint and other bone related problems should wear wraps or pads on the knees and elbows to prevent injuries. Read more »

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